Long live the entire American Resistance (from the meekly persistent to the fiercely bold)

I've been trying to envision simple but potentially effective American resistance strategies in response to Drumpf, at least until he's no longer even potentially occupying the Oval Office. Efforts that ordinary citizens like you & I can very reasonably do.

As I see it, one of the wheels to which we urgently need to apply our shoulders is influencing media and political narratives at local, state, and national levels as we are able and opportunities allow. Online social networks are a must if you have access & a presence there, but don't forget letters to the editors of local newspapers. Write a good editorial in your town's free weekly rag if they'll publish you. Go old school; it has the added benefit of being cool.

Twitter. It's Drumpf's own cherished media browbeater. He's notoriously easy to antagonize there. I'd tell you not to bait a bully with the might of the federal government's Executive Branch  behind him, but I hope you already realize that.

Just let me know when your news segment airs so I can set our DVR to record.

I've been seeing #notmyPresident a bunch lately on Twitter. People can float what they like but that hashtag seems like a dead-end to me. Barring a successful Hail Mary pass from somewhere, the reality come January 20th is that #bylawhewillbeyourPresident.

I prefer #notPresidential. It's been true since long before his campaign was getting started. It will remain true if & when he takes office. The stench of this hashtag has the potential of clinging to him for the rest of his or Twitter's life. It easily can be re-used to tar future grossly unqualified candidates for the Presidency with the stink of Drumpf.

#notPresidential  Not by a long shot. Let's get it trending.

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