I'll know their Christians by the...hate?

These 7 Christian leaders showed their "love" by celebrating the Orlando nightclub massacre

This article reminds me of the people I've run into online who routinely say that they don't think peaceful Muslims speak out forcefully enough against radicals who commit atrocities in the name of Islam. Funny how I so rarely see many American Christians speaking out loudly enough against those who twist Xtianity to justify atrocities. Guess it's a criticism that's only supposed to apply to American Muslims, not American Christians. Is it any wonder I'm so over American Christianity? GOPers & 'Christian' conservatives, these wackos are your own, you f'in bastards. Not that I'm expecting any of the remnant of the 'moral majority' to step up to the plate & be in any way accountable for the results of their hateful rhetoric. No, they'll just continue to breathlessly whine about how THEY're always the victims of their imagined war on Christianity.

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