Hate, no matter how you package it, is still hate

I've seen numerous comments being posted lately on social media by non-queer people stating variations on the theme of "disagreeing with the homosexual (gay, transgender, etc) lifestyle is not hate, it's just my opinion". I think they're partially right because I view those kinds of statements as more ignorant than hateful. But speaking only for myself as a queer person, they sure do feel hateful when I read them. I wonder if they'd understand better if I switched out the 'lifestyle' to which they're referring: "I disagree with your blue-eyed lifestyle" or "I disagree with you being white person, that's just my opinion". See how stupid that is?
Scientists have long maintained that human sexual orientation is basically fixed by the time we're five years old. Accepted peer-reviewed research has shown that trying to change someone's sexual orientation is far more harmful to them than not. So when someone says "I disagree with the homosexual lifestyle," the subtext I hear is, "I disagree with your entire life as you've lived it since you were five", or "I think you are fundamentally wrong as a human being." To which I say f**k you, that's not just an opinion, it's one being used to diminish me based upon a core part of my identity - the way my heart works when I love. And that IS hateful, whether the person running over me with their 'opinion' knows it or not.

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