"You're just a liar - you always were!"

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The Family Research Council (FRC) is a Colorado based lobbying group founded in '83 by James Dobson that always claims it advocates for conservative Christian 'traditional' family values. In reality, it's a radical right extremist political machine that in 2010 was classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

FRC's current president is Tony Perkins. No, not the one from the movie Psycho; though this one is also a sociopath worthy of tending the Bates Motel. This Tony is the one you see frequently lying his PR face off as a guest on FauxNews, if you watch that drivel.

The FRC is predictably gleeful about the new bigot laws in NC, MS, and TN. They're still butt hurt that the governor of GA vetoed the similar bill there. They're also happy that with the new laws written the way they've been passed, restrictions on citizens don't just stop with LGBT folks.

I understand why the FRC continues to push the anti-trans bathroom lie. You've surely heard their lie that laws discouraging discrimination against the basic human dignity of our transgender neighbors somehow "force young girls to share bathrooms and showers with grown men."

It's a shameless lie the FRC continues to spew with impunity. In fact, it's their own beloved  'religious freedom' laws that actually do force transwomen to use men's bathrooms & locker rooms and transmen to use the women's. They're inflaming prejudice and scaring people into supporting laws that are discriminatory. I get why they do it.

First & foremost, some people will believe the FRC's lie precisely because such an outrageous claim from a group that always says they're a 'Christian' organization can't possibly be a lie. A lobbying group like the FRC maliciously continues to sell their outrageous lie precisely because they know that enough people are ignorant or prejudiced enough to believe it to make the lying worthwhile, politically.

Secondly, to the targets of such laws they communicate toxic shame. They teach those queers their place in the cosmology of bigotry. It's a coded message to the people they see as 'other' in their midst; "You're not worthy of my understanding, compassion, or recognition. I am better than you. Even if my own life sucks, I don't have to take responsibility for it so long as I can blame you for the ills of my world."

It's a campaign of bearing false witness against our transgender neighbors. So much for FRC's mission of advocacy for 'traditional Christian family values', unless one of those bedrock values is violating the 9th (or 8th depending on your preferred tradition) commandment. I also recall something the Christ said about loving your neighbor as yourself. In the FRC's case, I'll take that to mean that they lie about themselves even more than they do about LGBT citizens.

I suggest you consider taking it the same way.

For more on the FRC's anti-gay campaign & some of the other poison pills in the latest spate of 'religious freedom' laws, please check out this post on the blog Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters:
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