Hat-haters Gonna Hate (a letter to HRH Princess Beatrice Elizabeth Mary of York)

Your Royal Highness -

In recent days i have been appalled by the license with which hatless haters are ridiculing the awesome chapeau you were proudly sporting for the marriage of HRH the Duke of Cambridge to his lovely bride.

It is my fond hope that you persist in joyfully sailing above the critics and that you continue to inspire & astound your admirers with your millinery magnificence.

i look forward to many years of viewing your terrific toppers.

Sincerely (and i MEAN sincerely),

An admiring American of British descent.

And an aside to the haters - in a world that is so often drab and lacking in harmless audacity, may you find yourselves at least a little more open to the surprising and imaginative. Especially when exhibited by someone who is subject to public criticism every time they show their face in public.

It's not like the Princess is wearing her jeans halfway off her royal fundament or something equally ridiculous.

And since i am a crass American - suck it, haters!!!

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