A Primer of Pittburghese

Every locale has its colloquialisms, odd turns of phrase, accents and dialects. Where i grew up, about a 45 minute drive from Pittsburgh (Pixburgh), is no exception. Here are some of the ones i still recall:

Yinz, used for plural of "you". I always have assumed it's a version of "you-uns".

Using an "S" in place of the word "East". For example, Pittsburghers (Burghers) will refer to the area named "East Liberty" as "S'liberty." (If Anton's Deli is still in S'liberty, be sure to get a fish sandwich, some mac'n'cheese, and greens. Mmmmm, mmm!)

The "ow" sound is also replaced with an "ah" sound. So instead of saying "town" it sounds like "tahn". So, downtown would be dahntahn...

"Jaggin'" is used for "joking" or "irritating". Example, Stop jaggin' me! or Stop jaggin' around!

Also the word "Jag" can be used to replace "Jack" or "Jerk". Such as... You're a jag off! or He's a jag ass!

Burghers have never met an infinitive that they couldn't drop. "My car needs to be washed" is usually "My car needs washed."

"Anat" is used to replace the words "and that".

The "r" sound is added in words where there is no "r". Example... I need to "warsh" clothes today. We should "warsh" our cars today. The White House is in "Warsh"ington D.C.

"Da" is almost always used to replace "the".

"Did" and "you" are combined when speaking into "didya" or the plural form "didyinz". "Didyinz" go dahntahn?"

"J'eet yet?" means "Did you eat yet?"

Rubber bands are called "gumbands".

When my mother wanted me to clean my room, she'd tell me to "Redd up" my room.

Kennywood Park is the largest amusement park in Western Pennsylvania. However, the phrase "Kennywood's open!" means that your zipper is down.

Bologna is called "Jumbo".

Underwear is called "Gutchies". (i still call underwear gutchies, LOL)

A creek is called a "crick".

Spaghetti is called "Sketti".

Older folks might call a brown paper bag a "poke".


Brant said...

It would be great if some of the Steelers players who do commercials on the radio and TV would say Pixburgh. Some of them call the city Pissburgh. I know they mean no disrespect, but it would be nice if they could enunciate more clearly.

scott said...

One of the weirdest experiences of Pittsburghese is sitting in an airport far away from Pgh while waiting for your Pgh flight. What you hear from fellow travelers is like prep n at for your eventual arrival.