Richard Chamberlain and Husband Split After 33 Years

And now for something completely different:
Richard Chamberlain has reportedly dumped his partner of 33 years and has moved out of the Hawaiian dream home they shared.

The Thorn Birds star, 76, and manager/producer Martin Rabbett, who wed in 1984, have split over Chamberlain's plans to dedicate the rest of his life to acting, according to U.S. publication the Globe.

A source tells the tabloid, "Martin served as Richard's manager for years, but getting older and being out in Hawaii for so long, he really didn't have the connections to make a big push for Richard."

Chamberlain reportedly moved back to Los Angeles after his new managers found him a collection of roles, including a thief in hit TV drama Leverage and a priest in a new independent movie.

But friends insist the actor will become very lonely without his longtime partner by his side.

One pal tells the Globe, "He thinks his work will make him complete, but it's never been enough for him."


Ellipses said...

It's nice to see your headline say "Chamberlain and HUSBAND"--- the tabloids all say "Gay Lover..." After 33 years, he's his husband, whether the local ordinances acknowledge it or not. I hate how the media seems to portray gay relationships as these torrid little trysts and whatnot. I don't recall the same tabloid exclaiming that "Dennis Hopper to split with F***buddy of 14 years" when he filed for divorce from Victoria Duffy.

This may be a good strategy in the fight for equal marriage rights... just act as if. Call it marriage. Call him your husband or her your wife. Assume that it is as it is... Let the opposition get apoplectic about the presumption of matrimony... stop engaging them on the nomenclature and just do it.

It worked for the speed limit :-)

scott said...

Agreed, e. In reality, the committed partnerships of lgbt people are virtually indistinguishable from the daily life of heterosexual marriages, gender differences aside. Call it marriage, because that's what it is.

anninic2 said...

i still think that he's a hunk. just a pity that i'm the wrong sex.hope him and his hubby do decide to get back together.many straight marriages don't last as long

Rick said...

Hope they get back together-33yrs is a long time. I wish them both the very best.