Methinks he doth protest too much...

Adding to the bizarre back-story of the San Joaquin Diocesan leadership voting to schism is the long circulated claim that their leader, Bishop John-David Schofield, is a self-proclaimed 'celibate homosexual' who claims to have taken a lifelong vow of celibacy after being 'healed' of homosexuality.

So, the man leading them in a schism which is ostensibly precipitated by the consecration of The Episcopal Church's first openly gay non-celibate bishop may himself be gay. To my mind, that explains a lot, especially the numerous vociferous objections Schofield has made over the years to the ordination and service of 'non-celibate homosexuals'.

The cathedral of the San Joaquin diocese, St. James, offers:
specialized ministry and outreach to those who are confused in their gender orientation or who are struggling with addictive behavior toward pornography. We share space on our campus with New Creation Ministries, an outreach of love [ED: harmful reparative therapy] to those who wish to be healed of sexual brokenness [ED: codephrase for homosexuality / lesbianism] and we are launching our own small group healing ministries to strugglers.

Reading between the lines, the whole thing just increases exponentially in sadness.


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Oy. While it's good reporting on Lisa's blog it's just so sad. But not surprising. As i said to my partner when we were discussing the San Joaquin vote and Schofield's closet, "Why does the worst stuff always seem to come from one of our own?"

i think everyone in the Diocese of San Joaquin needs our prayers, including John-David.