Neo-burlesque in the 'Burque!

I believe in celebrating, well, revelling really, in the wonders of God's creation, especially earthy rarities. So do the local ladies of Albuquerque's burgeoning burlesque revival. i was lucky enough to catch the women of Bella Donna Burlesque (pictured left) at a fundraiser last year. They were amazingly joyful, entertaining and just plain fun. And that coming from me, a Kinsey "6" (okay, 5) gay guy!

Check out this week's feature spread from Albuquerque's alternative weekly newspaper, the Weekly Alibi. In the spirit of burlesque, here's a teaser:
Picture her in five-inch heels, a sequined vintage outfit, stalking a stage in Albuquerque, maybe a bar, maybe a theater, maybe a movie house. She’s brash and bossy. She gets in your face, bats her eyelashes and the fans she’s holding. She plays with you, torments you, teasing.This is Kitty Irreverent, a part of Albuquerque’s burlesque community, which has withstood the test of a few years, proving it wasn’t just a passing, kitschy trend but a full-on revivalist movement.

Kitty Irreverent builds things: a 6-foot-tall heart, a giant martini glass, a pair of painstakingly handcrafted rhinestone pumps. And a community. Kitty desires to see New Mexico’s scattered dancers congeal. "I want it to be like, ‘Go to Albuquerque. There's a great burlesque community there, and they all work together, and there are all these neat shows you can see.’"
Vive le burlesque!


Share Cropper said...

Burlesque is always fun! And, these gals look delightful.

Share Cropper said...

Ummm, Scott, you may hate me, but I just tagged you for a fun meme over on my blog. Hope you play!

Eileen said...

Tee hee hee The meme fun continues.

Scott, those ladies have some lovely lungs. I'm JEALOUS!